Projects > Epic Fireworks

Fully responsive social media graphics and the complete Kakadu service for their monthly e-newsletters.

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Projects > Epic Fireworks 

Fully responsive social media graphics and the complete Kakadu service for their monthly e-newsletters.

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Looks epic!

Paul Singh, Owner

Custom email campaigns

Not only do we make the Epic Fireworks monthly newsletter look epic, but we also make them sound epic. We write all of the copy and design all of the graphics.

Responsive Youtube graphics

With over 13million views, Epic came to us to make sure their YouTube channel looked as good as it could. We designed a fully responsive cover for their channel so that they looked pro no matter what device people used to watch their videos.


As well as their YouTube channel, we designed cover images that work seamlessly across all of their social media channels.

The Epic YouTube channel.

The Epic Facebook page.

The Epic Twitter page.

The Epic Flickr page.

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We’ve got decades of design experience across an array of applications and demographics, so there isn’t much beyond us here at Kakadu. So whether you need some current artwork tweaking, a full back-to-the-start rebrand or want to create something new all together, get in touch for a no-pressure chat about what we can do for you.
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Other Projects

Epic Fireworks aren’t the only business to come to us to look, well, epic. Here are a few more…



We helped professional photographer and teacher, Richard Houghton, to take his idea for a photography book from concept to physical product. And now it takes readers from beginner to pro.

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Hinch Plant Branding & Website

This project covered a branding refresh, custom video production, fresh copy, new website, letterhead, print advert and business card design. A multi-service project for a multi-service company.



Where do you start when a YouTube legend approaches you to create a logo and social media graphics for them? With Colin Furze, you start with fireworks and explosions.

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We’ve been working with Project Heaven since before they opened the workshop doors in 2014. Their brand, website, promotional material, event graphics and more are all Kakadu creations.