October 2021
Awareness Days

Looking for inspiration for your next marketing or social media campaign? Then check out this list of National, International and World awareness days for October 2021.

We’ve included a mix of serious and not so serious awareness days to give you flexibility with your messaging and lot’s of inspiration to your next campaign.

Whole of October

The whole month of October is dedicated to several things including: domestic violence awareness, walk to school month, breast cancer awareness, physical therapy, SIDs awareness and black history month.


1st-7th October

National Walk Your Dog Week

If you have a companion dog then you’ll already be walking them regularly. This week why not share your walks on social media or find some new walking routes together. It’s great to get out in the fresh air so take time to soak it all in this week before the cold really sets in and your walks may become less enjoyable! Come on Gili, get your coat!


2nd October

International Day of Non-Violence

Falling on the birthday of Mahatma Ghandi, this is a day to recognise that great change can be achieved through non-violent, peaceful civil disobedience. Which is something you will have seen being practised this year by Extinction Rebellion, as they called on our Government to take action against man-made climate change and make the impossible possible.


4th October

National Boyfriend Day

I sure hope there’s a National Girlfriend Day too. They can’t have all the fun but for today just spoil them and show how much you love them. It’s good to have something in the bag when your day comes around!


4th October

World Animal Day

Get involved and show you care for the welfare of our world’s animals. They’re here with us not for us and need to be recognised as sentient beings with full regard for their well-being.


4th October

World Habitat Day

In the run up to COP26 in November the theme for this years World Habitat Day is Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world. Cities are responsible for around 70% of global carbon dioxide emissions and it’s time this was addressed.  Leaders will be coming together in Glasgow in November to discuss what they can do to help but think about what we can do too in our business and personal lives to reduce our impact on our environment. It’s our habitat, let’s look after it.


4th-10th October

National Curry Week

Tikka trip to your local curry house this week. You’d be Madras not to!


5th October

International Teachers Day

A day to recognise the importance of the teachers in our communities. They’ve had a tough time recently so show them some love.


6th October

National Badger Day

Did you know that badgers’ setts can be over 100 years old and that they can run up to 19mph? Pretty impressive, but sadly not fast enough to outrun cars which kill 50,000 badgers per year.


9th October

World Post Day

Is there anything better than getting a pen pal letter on beautiful stationery? Sadly, all that comes through our door now is bills, bumf and Amazon parcels! Go write a letter…


1oth October

World Mental Health Day

You wouldn’t ignore a physical illness so let’s not ignore mental illness. Today is a day to be open about our own struggles and support those around us who may be struggling too. We don’t need to suffer in silence, let’s shake off the stigma and raise awareness and acceptance of an important health issue. You can find lots of support and information at the Mind website to help both yourself and others.


11th October

World Coming Out Day

A day to raise awareness, promote tolerance and campaign for equal rights for all. As the name suggests it’s also a day for people to come out to family, colleagues and friends and live an open life.


11th – 15th October

National Work Life Week

Are you spending more time at your computer now you’re working from home? Time to take a look at that work-life balance. Maybe you’re going back into the office in this new hybrid working world. Just make sure you’re wellbeing isn’t taking a back seat.


12th October

World Arthritis Day

Did you know that there are more than 10 million people in the UK suffering from arthritis? So there’s a very good chance you will know at least one person with it, or will suffer from it yourself. Today is a perfect day to share your tips for relieving the symptoms.


13th October

International Sceptics Day

This unofficial holiday is sometimes celebrated on the 13th January. Or is it?


14th October

World Sight Day

#LoveYourEyes that’s this year’s theme. Don’t take your eyesight, or the fact you can get an eye test for granted, there are so many people on this planet who don’t have access to good eye care. You can make a pledge to commit to really looking after your eyes this year by following the hashtag above or, if you’re an employer, you can pledge to encourage all your staff to go for a test.


15th October

National Grouch Day

Remember Oscar from Sesame Street? He was the King of Grouches so embrace your inner, or maybe you’re outer Oscar and get all your complaints, grumbles and misery out today. It’s actually good to process your negative emotions.


18th October

National No Beard Day

Original shaving implements included shark teeth and clamshells. Really glad we’ve moved on from there so get your best re-usable, eco-friendly razor out and try the clean-shaven look today and see if anyone recognises you.


21st October

Get to Know Your Customers Day

This day comes up more than once in the year but we think it’s a good reminder to keep in touch with your customers and build that solid base for your business. They are your number one priority.


21st October

Apple Day

A day to celebrate the huge variety of apples grown here in the UK and the juice they become alcoholic or not, your choice.


22nd October


A day to SHOUT at everybody you know electronically.


25th October

World Pasta Day

My wife thinks I’m an idiot because I’m building my own car out of spaghetti, macaroni and fusilli.
She won’t be laughing when I drive pasta!

I’ll get my coat…


27th October

National Mentoring Day

Celebrate the people in your life who have shaped and guided the person you are today.


29th  October

National Hermit Day

Humans are social creatures but every so often you just want to retreat into your shell and switch off from the world. You can do it today without any guilt.


31st October


Is it acceptable to knock on your neighbour’s doors asking for sweets if you don’t have children? We promise we’ll dress up.


31st October

Daylight Savings

It’s going to get darker in the evenings now as the clocks go back but look on the bright side, you get an extra hour in bed.

We hope this has given you a few lightbulb moments and lots of inspiration for your next social media and marketing campaigns.
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