Here is a list of National, International and World awareness days for May 2020. The days listed are a great opportunity for your business to run relevant promotions. Or, to create social media content that ties to the theme of the day.

We’ve included a mix of serious and not so serious awareness days to give you flexibility with your messaging to your customers.

We hope you find them useful.

1st May – National Walking month

We think this is quite apt considering the current situation with the C-word. Personally, we’ve loved seeing so many families out walking together and joining us dog walkers in the local fields.

The 1st May also marks the start of Maternal Mental Health Month, Make May Purple for Stroke awareness, National Share a Story and Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

2nd May – World Asthma Day

Please keep safe out there if you’re an asthma sufferer.

3rd May – International Dawn Chorus Day

Our wild bird population is under serious threat from habitat destruction and predation from domestic pets. If there are ways you can help to support them and give the birds in your area a chance please do. They’ll reward you with their dawn chorus on the 3rd of May and every day.

4th May – Sun Awareness Week

The sun is starting to make a regular appearance. Do you offer products or services that allow people to enjoy the rays safely?

Oh, and May the 4th be with you.

5th May – Global Hand Hygiene Day

Not sure about you, but we don’t think hand hygiene has ever been so high on people’s agendas as it has been recently.

9th May – National Doughnut Week, National Lost Sock and World Fairtrade Day

We have a debate going here at Kakadu. Traditional jam-filled, custard-filled, covered in chocolate or something even fancier? Which is the king of the doughnut?

11th May – Water Saving Week and National Vegetarian Week

Did you know that a chicken breast takes over 542 litres of water to produce? That enough to fill your bathtub 6.5 times!

12th May – International Nurses Day

The foot soldiers of our health service and true national heroes. Can you support the nurses, NHS workers and carers in your local area or nationally?

14th May – Arthritis Care Awareness Week

It’s an illness that affects people young and old. Can you offer services to relieve the symptoms and ease the pain?

17th May – National Children’s Day

We’re fairly sure that most families will agree that it’s normally national children’s day every day.

18th May – Surviving or Thriving?

18th May marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. We should treat our mental health as seriously as we do our physical health and thankfully there is a huge network of support services out there to help you to thrive and not just to survive.

The 18th May also marks Learning at Work Week. Do you offer a course, or is there something you’ve been itching to learn? Now’s your time.

22nd May – World Goth Day

Time to channel your inner Marilyn Manson.

23rd May – English Wine Week and National Children’s Gardening Week

Support our local vineyards and enjoy a glass of delicious English wine while your children plant some of these seeds:


Sprouting Brocolli

25th May – National BBQ Week

Is there anything better than the smell of BBQ in the air on a sunny day?

28th May – World Hunger Day

A day to raise awareness of, and combat hunger across the world.

29th May – National Biscuit Day, World Digestive Day and European Neighbours Day

Can you make friends with your neighbours by giving them biscuits to digest? Just a thought.

31st May – World No-Tobacco Day

Can you help people kick the habit or kick it yourself?


We hope this post has given you a few lightbulb moments and given you lots of inspiration for your next social media and marketing campaigns.


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