March 2022
Awareness Days

Looking for inspiration for your next marketing or social media campaign? Then check out this list of National, International and World awareness days for March 2022.

We’ve included a mix of serious and not so serious awareness days to give you flexibility with your messaging and lot’s of inspiration to your next campaign.

Whole of March

March 1st brings the start of Spring and new beginnings. We’re so ready for this after the long winter.

We also celebrate National Social Work Month, National Nutrition Month and National Women’s History Month in March. Along with International Ideas Month which could be assisted by National Caffeine Awareness Month too!

March is definitely a busy month but we’re sure you’re ready for some action after the winter hibernation.


1st March

World Compliment Day, St Davids Day & National Pig Day

Some people aren’t very comfortable at accepting compliments but they’re still a great thing to give and cost absolutely nothing! Say something nice to someone today and make their day, especially if they’re Welsh.

Plus, maybe it’s about time we stop using the term pig as a slur. They are amazing animals. Did you know they learn their names by 2-3 weeks old; they have a cognitive ability similar to a 3-year-old child; they enjoy listening to music; they’re actually very clean animals; and most importantly, pigs are emotional and sensitive, they feel pain and they feel love.


3rd March

World Book Day

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day. 25 years of promoting and encouraging reading for all.

To celebrate, the World Book Day organisation will be working with schools and nurseries to distribute gift vouchers to ensure that all children can have a book of their own. How cool is that?


4th March

National Employee Appreciation Day

Traditionally a day for the US and Canada, but who’s to say that other employees across the globe don’t deserve a little appreciation too?

Employees are what makes businesses able to keep their doors open. So, buy them lunch, give them the afternoon off or just simply say, thank you.


7th March

Plant Power Day

Being vegan ourselves and running a vegan business we’re totally behind Plant Power Day. Today is all about leaving animals off your plate and directly harnessing the goodness of plants without filtering it through an animal.

The plant-based industry has really taken off over the past couple of decades, with vegan restaurants popping up all over the place and supermarkets adding plenty of plant-based items to their ranges. Meaning it’s never been easier to go vegan.

Besides the ethical and moral benefits of cutting out animals as a food source, there are also environmental advantages. Such as decreased water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and land usage. And by freeing up land usually used to grow crops for feeding livestock, plant-powered products contribute to increasing worldwide food production and protecting biodiversity.

Win, win, win.


7th – 13th March

National Feet Week

Podiatrists, pedicurists and anyone else who looks after feet, this week is for you. Get promoting!


8th March

International Women’s Day

Over a century of fighting for a world that’s gender-equal without discrimination or stereotypes. Today is all about celebrating the achievements made by women for women.

We’ve come a long way from the first Representation of the People Act in 1918 giving some women the vote, but we still have a way to go.


10th March

National No Smoking Day

Go on, you can do it. Ditch the sticks. We’re rooting for you.


14th March

International Day of Action for Rivers

Across the globe our rivers are under threat, from destructive water development projects to agricultural pollution. Not to mention the sheer amount of rubbish and chemical runoff that ends up in them daily.

There are all sorts of initiatives to help the rivers from organised river clean-ups to river walks and paddleboard celebrations.

What can you do to help your local waterways?


16th March

National Lips Appreciation Day

Pucker up it’s time to give and get some attention for your lips today.


17th March

St Patricks Day

The Irish have been celebrating the Feast Day of St Patrick since 1631. We think they’ve got it down to a fine art now, wear green and drink Guinness. Job done!


18th March

Global Recycle Day

Every year we take billions of tons of natural resources from the earth and we already take more than the earth can afford to give us – check out Earth Overshoot Day to see what we mean.

So, today is about looking for ways to reduce our waste and start seeing things as valuable commodities and not rubbish.

Recycling is part of the circular economy and we need to embrace that in both our personal and business lives.


20th March

Spring Equinox & International Day of happiness

Hallelujah, we’re one step closer to Summer, with today bringing a moment of equal day and night. Roll on the longer nights and warmer days from here on in.


20th – 27th March

National Complementary Therapy Week

With Summer on its way, why not start with a little natural pampering. There are plenty of vegan therapists to choose from so you can be cruelty-free too.


21st March

International Day of Forests

We’re losing forests across the world at an unprecedented and unsustainable rate. Can you or your business help to raise awareness and be a part of the solution by supporting reforesting schemes either locally or internationally?


22nd March

World Water Day

Almost all the fresh water in the world is from groundwater. It’s invisible as it’s underground but’s its impact is visible all over.

As the world’s climate gets worse there’s going to be more pressure on this precious resource, so we need to work together to sustainably manage it now and for the future.


23rd March

National Puppy Day

No one can resist the cuteness of puppies’ and if you’re looking to bring a companion animal into your home then a puppy is great. However, what we need to do is raise awareness of the horror of puppy mills and encourage adoption.

That’s why we encourage you to always adopt and don’t shop for your furry friends.


27th March

Mothering Sunday

Just FYI, she’d like a lay-in, breakfast in bed and not have to organise anything all day. Give that hardworking woman a well-deserved rest.


31st March

World Back-Up Day

Is your business covered in case the worst happens? Is your website backed up regularly? What would you do if you lost it all? Get yourself backed up today.

We hope this has given you a few lightbulb moments and lots of inspiration for your next social media and marketing campaigns.
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