July 2022
Awareness Days

Looking for inspiration for your next marketing or social media campaign? Then check out this list of National, International and World awareness days for July 2022.

We’ve included a mix of serious and not so serious awareness days to give you flexibility with your messaging and lot’s of inspiration to your next campaign.

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Whole Month

Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month encourages us to shop local and celebrate indie retailers, in turn creating more sustainable cities, towns and communities.


Whole Month

Plastic Free July

Plastic, totally awesome invention, totally devastating to our planet.

Take up the challenge this month to reduce your use of plastic and find environmentally friendly alternatives. July is also the perfect month to promote your plastic-free range and plastic alternatives.


Whole Month

National Picnic Month

July is an excellent month to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Did you know that the idea, or at least the word picnic, is derived from the French word piquenique? And the French know how to keep it simple, which is the name of the game. A bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, good vegan cheese and some fruit. Voila!


1st July

International Joke Day & International Reggae Day

Combining these two days into one we end up with…

What kind of donuts are Bob Marleys favourite?

Ones with Jammin’!

Ok, I’ll get my coat.


2nd July

Wallace & Gromit’s Wrong Trousers Day

Celebrating 25 years of wearing the wrong trousers today.


3rd July

International Plastic Bag Free Day

It’s a sad fact that plastic bags were invented to help save the planet. The inventor, Sten Gustaf Thulin, wanted to find an alternative to paper bags so we’d save trees.

He had a bag that he used over and over again and kept it folded in his pocket.

So if you have a plastic bag don’t ditch it reuse it again and again and again.

Or use an alternative plastic-free shopping bag. Fabric ones are great for printing on so and are a great promotional tool for your business but remember, they aren’t a solution to the problem as they’re much more energy and resource-intensive to make than a plastic bag.


6th July

International Kissing Day

Show the person you love how special they are with a good kiss.


7th July

World Chocolate Day

There are actually a plethora of days celebrating chocolate on the calendar but let’s join with the rest of the world and set aside some time today to indulge our chocolate passion, whether it be dark or light.


10th July

Don’t Step On A Bee Day

They’re in crisis more than ever so watch out for the bees today.

In fact, watch out for them every day. 


11th July

World Population Day

To raise awareness of the rising population and the issue this creates around poverty, environmental damage, food shortages etc.

The population has risen a staggering 7-fold in the last 200 years, hitting the 7 billion mark, and it’s set to rise to 8.5 billion by 2030.

What can you do today to create a sustainable world for this future population?


12th July

National Simplicity Day

A day to embrace living simply and to take ourselves away from technology and modern life.

A day to evaluate your life and find out what bits are most important to you.

Keep it simple.


14th July

Shark Awareness Day

Such awesome creatures that get such a bad rap – thanks Jaws.

They’re not mindless killing machines and are actually more frightened of us, than us of them. We’re more likely to get struck by lightning than be killed or attacked by a shark.

Sadly though, they’re killed because we’re scared of them.

Alongside this, they’re also harvested in their millions for their meat and fins, so much so that they’ve made it onto the endangered list. This isn’t a badge of honour and if we loose them from our oceans it will have a grievous environmental impact.

So, make friends with sharks, save them and our oceans.


15th July

World Youth Skills Day

It’s important to recognise the skills that the youth have and to develop them so that they have better employment options. Alongside creating better opportunities for them.


15th July

St Swithin’s Day

Legend says if it rains today it’ll rain for the next 40 days and 40 nights. Don’t put your wellies away just yet.


15th July

Get to know your customers day

We like to think we do a pretty good job of that already, but what do you know about your customers?


17th July

World Emoji Day

Mac users hit ctrl, cmd, space.

PC users hit the windows key and the ; or . button.

Emoji game-changer 🙌

17th July

Womens Dive Day

This day was created to encourage women to get into the sport of Scuba Diving.

As keen scuba divers, Lee and I (Kayleigh) highly recommend getting under the waves and exploring the wonders of the ocean.

Fancy giving it a go?

This is a global event and since its inception in 2015, there have been events held all over the world. See if there’s something going on near you and get involved. 


24th July

National Tequila Day

Might be best to book Monday off this year seeing as Tequila Day falls on a Sunday and this stuff is guaranteed to give you a hangover!


24th July

Samaritans Awareness Day

We are all pretty good at talking but are we any good at listening?

Really listening and becoming a better listener is being encouraged today. It can help us support loved ones who may be struggling, but it can also help you improve your relationships with friends and colleagues.

You can get involved with the Samaritans campaign on social media today and use the hashtag #welisten

If you need their help you can call them in the UK on 116 123 – day or night


26th July

World Tofu Day

Today we celebrate the healthy alternative to meat and fish that is Tofu.

We highly encourage you to bring it into your diet to help stop the cruelty to animals in the meat and fish industries and reduce the environmental impact these industries have.

Like potatoes or rice it has little flavour, but it’s what you put with it that makes it delicious. There are also lots of great marinade recipes for it and it takes no time to cook.


29th July

World Tiger Day

World Tiger numbers have dropped in the wild by 95% since the start of the 20th century. Today is a day to raise awareness of their fragile existence and find ways to protect them and live with them.


30th July

International Day of Friendship

‘I get by with a little help from my friends’. Don’t take them for granted, friends are important for our well-being so give them a call today and just check they’re doing ok.


31st July – Harry Potters Birthday

Coincidentally Harry shares his Birthday with his author JK Rowling.


31st July

World Unusual Instrument Day

The djembe, the hurdy-gurdy, the shofar or maybe a citole. Maybe you’re a master of one of these instruments or like most of us, you’ve not heard of them.

Get your groove on with the most unusual musical instrument you can find today.

We hope this has given you a few lightbulb moments and lots of inspiration for your next social media and marketing campaigns.
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