The Importance of Good Copy

When planning any marketing or promotion for your business there’s one area that you should never skimp on and that’s good copy.

Copy is an area that is often undervalued and overlooked, but is something that can truly make the difference between a potential customer using your product or service, or a competitors. For this post we’re handing over to copy guru Jamie to tell you a bit more…

Look, I get it, really I do… it’s your business, your brainchild, your creative baby… who knows it better than you do, right? Inside out and back to front. And so you should. So why shouldn’t you write about it? Why should you fork out more money for some jumped up word nerd to come in and write about what you know best?

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor Copywriter

Starting a business isn’t easy. Tapping into that DIY ethic is nothing short of commendable. But when it comes to making your business a success or getting the message out to your customers in the most effective way possible, I prefer the DIT approach: Do It Together.

As one of the aforementioned word nerds, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a great business idea squandered by the owner trying to do it all themselves on a micro-budget. They don’t connect with the customer base effectively, their website is drab and lifeless and they can’t understand why business isn’t thriving.

In case you were wondering, copy stands for words. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The rat race isn’t a sprint or even a marathon, it’s a relay. Building a business presence takes skill and craft. It’s that creative knockout, that one-two of slick design and persuasive writing. You’re having a conversation with your customer, enticing them with the design and sealing the deal with the written content. 

Melding the two is a symbiotic process: good design and effective writing flow seamlessly, making it look effortlessly cool and appealing to your target consumer. And to paraphrase someone smarter than me: easy reading is the result of damn hard writing. It’s not just about relaying the information or describing your product or service, it’s about being persuasive whilst exercising an economy of words. In short: it’s an art, not a science. 

When waffling on about this point to friends and colleagues (not to mention long-suffering family members, strangers at the bus stop and my two dogs) I often cite an interview with Martin Scorsese, arguably the finest long-serving director in Hollywood. When asked how he manages to keep his output so consistently high he said, “that’s easy, I just surround myself with people who’re smarter than I am”. Which is an overly humble way of saying he works with people who perform their jobs so well that all he needs to do is allow them to get on with it and trust that the result will have intrinsic value. This is the same for every creative process that requires a team effort.

But design and copy are just the basics. I still haven’t factored in professional photography, videos, back end set up, hosting etc etc… You really do have to spend money to make money. Cutting corners on the things that truly matter will lumber you in business no man’s land. Alone, confused and deeply frustrated.

From Tattoos to TailorinG, You Get What You Pay For

It’s not a con, a scam, a ruse, a hustle… an insidious means of making you part with your hard-earned and much-needed cash. The creatives I align myself with, those I vouch for and collaborate with, we all do it because we know what works and we get a genuine kick out of helping people to build their businesses. We do it for that collaborative spark, that moment when we tap into something that our client hasn’t thought of, or we articulate that crucial sentiment that was cruelly alluding them… that moment they become certain that we are the people for the job, the people they can trust with their business baby, to guide it in the right direction and help it grow in the right way.

If you settle for ‘that’ll do’, then you’ll never get to be great. And isn’t that the whole point?


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