February 2022
Awareness Days

Looking for inspiration for your next marketing or social media campaign? Then check out this list of National, International and World awareness days for February 2022.

We’ve included a mix of serious and not so serious awareness days to give you flexibility with your messaging and lot’s of inspiration to your next campaign.

Whole of February

The month of February is dedicated to several things.

Responsible Pet Owners month alongside Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, Black History Month and International Friendship month.

It’s also Dog Training Education Month. Gili’s education continues every day as she’s a slow learner but we love her non the less and maybe one day she’ll get straight A’s!


1st February

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the most popular celebrations that the West has adopted from Asia. It’s celebrated in either January or February, with it falling on the 1st February this year, and with the animal for the year being the Tiger.


2nd February

World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is a great excuse to go for a walk around  your nearest wetland. But it’s also a great chance to take a moment to think about the environment.

Have a seat and let’s take a look at the wetlands and why it is important to have a day in their honor.

Do you know what a wetland is?

A wetland can be defined as land that contains marshes or swamps, and they are a vital habitat and part of nature.

Sometimes wetlands have trails that allow you to walk and enjoy the green space and reconnect with nature. Look around as you walk and you’ll find that not only are the wetlands a treasure, but the animals that live within them are too.


3rd February

Harry Potter Book Night

The world of Witches, Wizards and Muggles began with the first Harry Potter book being published on the 26th June 1997. It took the book world by storm and is still going strong today. Who is your favourite character and what’s your favourite book?


4th February

World Cancer Day

It seems, sooner or later, cancer has an impact on us all. That’s why World Cancer Day is an important day to raise awareness about prevention, detection, and treatment.


4th – 20th February

Winter Olympic Games

Did you know that there are 7 new events at this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing, and they’ve been added to increase female participation?

Beijing has also made all of its venues run entirely on renewable energy.


6th February

British Yorkshire Pudding Day

Looking to make your Yorkshire puddings vegan and cruelty-free this year?

Swap the milk for oat milk and then swap the egg for either 4 tablespoons of aquafaba (the water out of a tin of chickpeas) or 1tbsp of flaxseed mixed with 3 tbsp of hot water.



7th – 13th  February

National Apprenticeship Week

2022 marks the 15th annual National Apprenticeship Week in the UK set up to highlight the exceptional work of employees and apprentices. It’s an opportunity to highlight the positive impact of apprenticeship schemes for apprentices, employers and the wider economy.


8th February

Safer Internet Day

These days you can do almost anything on the Internet. You can play games, connect with friends, purchase that pre-loved outfit and much more.

The world wide web has come a long way.

Thousands of new websites are created each day so it’s important to be aware of the ever-changing landscape of the Internet and make sure vulnerable children and adults are protected.


11th February

Get Your Guitar Out Day

How many nights did you spend learning chords, listening to hit songs repeatedly until you could finally play it with confidence?

Did your fingers bleed like Bryan Adams in the hit Summer of ’69?

When did you finally give up and set your guitar aside to gather dust and faded memories? You miss it don’t you?

So, put the TV remote down and get your guitar out today.


13th February

National Radio Day

With the advent of DAB, there are more radio stations than ever to help you discover new music. So give that dial a twist and see what you discover today.


14th February

Valentine’s Day

An annual celebration of love or any excuse to buy more chocolates! Tell those you love just how much they mean to you today. It doesn’t have to be a person either, maybe a furry friend dog is your special someone. Just don’t feed any dogs chocolate, they’re all for you.


14th – 21st February

National Nest Box Week

The British Trust for Ornithology is encouraging you to put up nest boxes to help our breeding birds and other wildlife this week. With 7% of birds considered at risk due to climate change we need to help them more than ever.


15th February

Singles Awareness Day

Adults of all ages celebrate this day as a reminder that you don’t need a relationship to celebrate love. You can love yourself, your family, and your friends. There’s no reason to feel lonely around Valentine’s Day when love is all around you.


16th February

Innovation Day

Any time a person comes up with a new idea, a new product, or a new service that advances modern technology and finds new ways of doing things, they’ve been a part of innovation.

Whether this happens at home, on a local level, corporately or on an international level, Innovation Day celebrates these accomplishments!


17th February

National Cabbage Day

A day to give this humble vegetable the recognition it deserves. The use of cabbage dates back to 4000BC and it still brings such versatility to the dinner table today.

Did you know that Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, kohlrabi, and kale are considered part of the cabbage family too?

See, loads to choose from.


18th February

National Caregivers Day

The day honours individuals who selflessly provide personal care, and physical and emotional support to those who need it most. There are different types of caregivers who are not just limited to the health sector. Some of them are not always paid, which is why it’s essential to appreciate and thank them for their commitment.


20th February

National Social Justice Day

Social Justice is about fairness and is closely aligned with human rights. It’s about ensuring equality for all people.

It encompasses issues such as racial inequality, gender inequality, LGBTQ+ discrimination, economic inequality, and climate change amongst others.

This day is for raising awareness of these issues and use it as an advocacy tool to highlight what needs to change.


22nd February

World Yoga Day

Yoga has been around for thousands of years with the ancient practice involving physical poses, deep breathing and concentration that helps with a whole host of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional benefits.

There are so many classes to choose from these days, both in-person and online. So, roll out your mat today and take some time for you.



23rd February

National Banana Bread Day

Adding mashed, ripe bananas to a cake-like batter is what gives banana bread its distinctive taste and moistness. The riper the banana the sweeter they are so don’t chuck out those black, smelly ones anymore! Get baking instead.


26th February

Open That Bottle Night

Open That Bottle Night is celebrated on the last Saturday of February each year. The day was created to make sure that those fine wine bottles you put away for a special occasion are used and enjoyed.

Did you know that some people actually have a fear of wine, called oenophobia? Hopefully this isn’t you and you can enjoy a tipple or two tonight!


27th February

National Protein Day

Probably one of the most common questions a vegan will get is, ‘where do you get your protein?’

Protein is one of the most important nutrients a human body needs and you can definitely get enough without the cruelty that consuming animals brings.

Here are just a few to get you started – Quinoa, lentils, edamame, or tofu and the superfood that is broccoli – yep broccoli has protein.


27th February

World NGO Day

World NGO Day aims to inspire people to become more actively involved within NGOs (Charities, NPOs, CSOs) and encourage a greater partnership between NGOs and both the public and private sector.

It’s a day for NGO’s around the globe to share knowledge and experiences with one another. It aims to educate individuals worldwide on NGOs and their impact and to find out what NGO’s are doing for your local community.

We hope this has given you a few lightbulb moments and lots of inspiration for your next social media and marketing campaigns.
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