There are two kinds of people…

Those who say Die Hard IS a Christmas movie,
and those who are wrong.

Before you go...

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This year, put the is it/isn’t it argument behind you with our definitive infographic that proves, without doubt, that YES, Die Hard IS a Christmas Movie.


So there you have it.

Christmas movie confirmed.

Die Hard is officially more Christmassy than brussel sprouts, the Queen’s speech, cracker jokes, and nan being more interested in preserving the wrapping paper than the actual gift itself. We say it should be as much of a Christmas tradition as drinking through the day, and arguing with family members over dinner.
Plus, as an added bonus, remember this… Die Hard 2 is also a Christmas movie.

So from everyone at Kakadu Creative

Yippee-Kiy-Merry Christmas!


Is there a stubborn Die Hard denier in your life?

Share this page to show ’em you were right all along. Or download it, print it out, and take it to your next family Christmas get together. Proving to everybody that you should be in charge of the TV remote this year.

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