August 2022
Awareness Days

Looking for inspiration for your next marketing or social media campaign? Then check out this list of National, International and World awareness days for August 2022.

We’ve included a mix of serious and not so serious awareness days to give you flexibility with your messaging and lot’s of inspiration to your next campaign.

July 23rd – 7th August

National Marine Week

We’re not sure why this is called a Marine ‘Week’ as the events and promotions actually go on for a fortnight! What that means though is that there’s plenty of time for you to get involved with, or promote, an event focussing on our amazing UK coastlines and the wildlife found in and around them.


1st -7th August

World Breastfeeding Week

A week to highlight the huge benefits of breastfeeding for both health and welfare reasons. Not every woman can breastfeed or chooses to breastfeed, but let’s all help to support those that do and give them space and support wherever they need it.


1st August

National Girlfriend Day

Today is a day for women to support women.

Girls have a history of fighting against the tide to achieve great things together so take time out of your day today to let your girls know how much you appreciate them.


4th August

India Pale Ale Day & Cycle to Work Day

Cycling is such a good way to get around, not just for the environment and to beat the traffic jams, but also for fun and exercise too. Plus, with the rising cost of fuel, it’s also a very economical way to travel.

There will be lots of events around the country to highlight the great benefits of cycling, so get involved.

Just be careful about combining it with India Pale Ale day though. I.P.A is a type of beer with high levels of alcohol and you can be charged for cycling under the influence.


8th August

International Cat Day

If you’ve spent any time travelling to foreign shores you may have realised that not all cats are treated with the same respect and care that the majority are shown here in the UK. But sadly there are still cats that suffer abuse here too.

International cat day is about raising awareness around cats and their needs and doing what we can to help and protect them both here and abroad.


8th August

National CBD Day

Discovered in the 1940’s it took until 2018 for this natural remedy to become legalised and widely used for its mental and physical health benefits. Give it a try today as there are sure to be lots of offers around.


8th – 14th August

National Allotments Week

If your business is in the gardening sector now’s your time to promote yourself and your services.

Allotment ownership is so popular and the benefits are far greater than just the ability to grow your own fruit and veg. They have a role in helping people live a healthier lifestyle and develop friendships and community spirit.

There will also be a ‘Bug Survey’ runnng alongside Allotments Week this year. Meaning it’s time to get down and dirty with the creepy crawlies on your plot!


12th August

International Youth Day

This years theme – Intergenerational Solidarity – Creating a world for all ages.

This is a UN day aimed at youth development and protection including education, employment, the environment, delinquency, girls and young women, HIV/AIDS and intergenerational relations.

The focus this year is on collaboration and the fostering of intergenerational relationships to ensure ‘no one is left behind’. Ensuring that our youth are prepared for the global issues that will face them.


13th August

International Prosecco Day

A North Italian sparkling white wine. If it’s your tipple it is being celebrated on a Saturday night this year, so pop the cork and enjoy.


13th August

International Left-Handers Day

Lefties make up only about 10% of the population, but when it comes to creativity, imagination, daydreaming and intuition they beat the righties hands down – pun intended.

Just spare them a thought today when you use a tin opener or a pair of scissors and think how that logo on your promotional pen appears to them.


18th August

Bad Poetry Day & International Never Give Up Day

Never Give Up Day is all about cultivating a mindset of determination, which helps us to get through the difficult challenges that life inevitably throws our way.

You could spend it not giving up on writing the worst poem in history.


19th August

World Humanitarian Day

Every year around the world people suffer from natural and man-made disasters. Today we pay tribute to the dedicated band of people who provide humanitarian aid where it’s needed and who are killed or injured doing so.


19th August

World Photo Day

Forget the selfies and turn that camera around. Find something inspiring, intriguing, beautiful or just plain weird to photograph today and create memories.


20th August

Better Business Day

Created by the organisation, Better Business Act, this is a day to encourage those in power and business leaders to change the face of the business world. To input legislation. and policy to ensure that businesses are required to put the interests of people and the planet alongside making a profit.

As part of the Better Business Act, there are over 1,000 businesses (including Kakadu Creative) calling on the UK government to make this happen by amending Section 172 of the Companies Act.

Will you join us by signing up to the Better Business Act today?


20th August

International Homeless Animals Day

This is a day that is very close to our hearts. Our beloved Gili dog, aka The Boss, was rescued from the streets in Bosnia and was found severely emaciated. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of a group of volunteers she’s now fit and healthy and has a loving home.

However, there are far too many that won’t get the chance of a happy ending. So, on that note we ask you to please adopt, don’t shop for your next companion animal.

We promise, you won’t regret it.


22nd August

World Plant Milk Day

Plant milk is a good, sustainable alternative to dairy. It safely provides the body with all the nutrients and minerals it needs. It’s lactose free (around 65% of people are lactose intolerant), low fat and easy on the digestive system.

Apart from the great health benefits to you and the environment, a switch to plant-based milk will help to eliminate animal cruelty (yes, the dairy industry is cruel even here in the UK) so make the switch today.


24th August

International Strange Music Day

Create your own staff band and make music with your office equipment or stock? Or maybe it’s time to come clean about that obsession with an obscure band, we’ll let you decide.


27th – 29th August

Notting Hill Carnival (London)

Following a 2 year hiatus Carnival will be back in full multicoloured, high energy, Caribbean swing on August Bank Holiday.

It’s a free event with a lively parade, massive sound systems and a plethora of food and drink.

Expect very large crowds!


30th August

Summer Bank Holiday (UK)

It’s the last one before Christmas so make the most if it!

We hope this has given you a few lightbulb moments and lots of inspiration for your next social media and marketing campaigns.
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