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We’re a small team of creatives with a mission to make a positive impact on the world through creating the best work for businesses like yours. 

We know that no two businesses are alike, which is why we don’t believe in copy and paste templates. And which is also why every project is a team effort, with you at the heart of it.

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Meet the team

Small and Perfectly Formed


Colours & Shapes
(Creative Director)

Honing his craft in the fast-paced, hugely competitive magazine industry, Lee not only has a keen eye for detail, but he knows how to make an impact with bold, creative and effective design.


Spreadsheets & Folders
(Business Director)

Kayleigh has worked in the media industry since 2007, managing projects and campaigns for clients ranging from independent high street stores, to music festivals to international brands.


Coding Wizardry
(Web Developer)

Our coding expert, with over two decades of experience, makes Paul your man when you’re looking for a bespoke website with custom coded content and functionality. 


Sound & Vision

Soon, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. Which is why Rich seeks out the most creative solutions to convey your message, rather than making a video just like your competitors.


Walking Thesaurus

Jamie is our resident word nerd, crafting awesome copy to help turn your business into a beast. Start-ups, big businesses, or SMEs, he has the best words to connect you to your customers.


(Business dog)

Found starving on the streets of Sarajevo in 2018, she was rescued to a rehoming centre in England before becoming the official Kakadu canine. Loves people. Cats… Not so much.


An enormous network of talented freelancers

We don’t believe in trying to be a jack-of-all-trades and compromising your project to make a quick profit. And thanks to our decades of experience in the design, marketing, journalism, and photographic industries we don’t have to. We’ve cultivated a massive network of top-notch and trusted freelance professionals to call on when a project needs something outside of our in-house expertise, so your project will always be in the safest hands.

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Want to know more?

Every quarter we donate a percentage of our profits to a range of charities.

Charities supported so far!

But money only goes so far, sometimes you need a bit of muscle and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. So we regularly volunteer our time to a range of local causes and community groups to help with projects and initiatives.


Want To Know More?!

You like to do your homework, don’t you? Well, we periodically add useful and interesting content to our blog. And below you’ll find articles that will help you to get to know us even better.

How To OFFSET Your Carbon Emissions
How To OFFSET Your Carbon Emissions

Pretty much everything we do in our modern lives creates some level of emissions. So what’s the solution? Reduction is a big one, with carbon offsetting taking up the slack.

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